Jordyn Woods has been celebrating her Jordan Year, and it looks like she and NBA player Karl-Anthony Towns may have officially confirmed their relationship status. For a while, it has been rumored that they have been an item. They have also been spotted out together a few times, but still, nothing really confirmed their relationship status.

However, aside from them being hugged up during her birthday celebration, Karl definitely did it big in the gift department.

Jordyn took to social media to show that Karl got her not one, but TWO Birkin bags, and a Chanel bag. However, it didn’t end there. In honor of her turning 23-years-old, he also gifted her an autographed Michael Jordan Bulls jersey.

Jordyn was all smiles as she showed off her new gifts.

She said, “It’s just pressure…wow,” as she tagged Karl in her Instagram story post.”

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Offset and Cardi B have been pretty quiet about their divorce. But Offset’s step-father, the man who raised him, is allegedly not holding his tongue.

A man claiming to be Offset’s step-father, who goes by Tony Pla on social media, posted on the fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha’s Facebook page – and he’s blasting Cardi B.

The man claiming to be Tony believes Cardi’s need for “social media attention” plays a large role in the problems they’re having within the family, according to Facebook screenshots.

He also suggested that Cardi may be “on drugs.”

“Right now, my family is going through a very tumultuous time,” he allegedly wrote in an Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity group post. “What you see in the media is only the tip of the iceberg. Social media is a powerful tool, but certainly no place for family situations; however, our youth, specifically my son’s wife doesn’t understand … Read more

On Tuesday, Moneybagg Yo celebrated his 29th birthday, and he did it big with all of his loved ones and friends right by his side during his birthday celebration in Las Vegas. However, after he received a really amazing gift from his girlfriend Ari Fletcher, there was a shooting that occurred.

Moneybagg Yo was spoiled with multiple gifts for his birthday, however, his girlfriend Ari surprised him with a Maybach. Ari, Moneybagg, and their friends shared the surprise with their followers on social media as he expressed his excitement. As we previously reported, back in July Moneybagg gifted Ari a Lambo truck for her birthday.

Shortly after the big surprise, a shooting occurred in front of the venue. They were in front of the Aria hotel in Las Vegas when everything went down. Someone present during the shooting captured everything on Instagram live before the shots ranged out, and … Read more

Roommates, do y’all remember how we told you R. Kelly was allegedly attacked earlier this month in jail? Another inmate named Jeremiah Shane Farmer reportedly punched him in the head and torso and attempted to stab R. Kelly with an ink pen. Jeremiah claims he attacked R. Kelly because “the government made me attack (him).”

According to TMZ, R. Kelly is somewhat out of harm’s way being that Jeremiah has been transferred to another facility in Michigan. With the threat being removed, Federal prosecutors deny R. Kelly’s request to be released on bail following this incident.

R. Kelly isn’t likely to return home anytime soon. Prosecutors continue to claim that the singer poses a threat to the general public. He is also considered a flight risk, and those reasons are preventing him from being released on bail.

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If you’ve been under a rock, then you may have not known that recently Kanye West has been on yet another tweeting spree as he has been sharing his latest thoughts with his followers. Recently Kanye has been expressing his passion for owning his masters, as well as helping other artists own their masters.

On Sunday, he took to Twitter to propose what he feels should be the new guidelines when it comes to recording and publishing deals and he laid out each and every guideline.

He said, “1. The artist owns the copyright in the recordings and songs and leases them to the record label/publisher for a limited term. 1-year deals.”

Kanye continued, “2. The record label/publisher is a service provider that receives a share of the income for a limited term. The split can be 80/20 in the artists’ favor.”

As he continued to make his points, Kanye … Read more