Jennifer Love Hewitt is getting candid about the realities of being a working mom.

The “9-1-1” star discussed parenting while dropping in on the latest episode of “The Kelly Clarkson Show”.

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Speaking about returning to work after giving birth, Hewitt, who is a mom to Autumn, 7, and Atticus, 5, recalled, “I took time off with both of them, again probably not enough. With my daughter for sure not enough. I was really hyper aware of letting people know that just because I had a kid it doesn’t mean that I couldn’t be the same person that I was before, and that I could go back to work. I really just wanted to please them in that way and let them know that.”

The actress recalled, “I went to a meeting at the Beverley Hills Hotel with my agent, like … Read more

MTO News spoke with two people close to one of the hottest couples in the world, who are both worried about the top couple’s relationship. They call their relationship “Toxic”, “codependent”, and are saying that both he and she are FULL BLOWN ADDICTS.

According to both people, the couple has an unhealthy “co-dependent” relationship that revolves around the addiction. His addiction is heroin, and hers in alcohol.

One friend of the couple told MTO News, “[The female celebrity] is a complete lush drunk, she has been for years. It’s really impacted her life, changed her personality, and ended a lot of her close friends and relationships.” The former friend adds, “She should have gotten help a long time ago, but she has too many enablers around her who allow her to continue.”

The friend claims that the female superstar’s weight gain has been mostly attributable to her excessive drinking.… Read more

Joshua Bassett is the latest “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” star to drop a new song.

On Thursday, Bassett released “Lie, Lie, Lie,” alongside the music video.

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He gave his fans a glimpse into why he wrote the song on Instagram Stories.

“I wrote ‘Lie, Lie, Lie’ after i found out a friend had been lying about me behind my back for a long time,” Basset shared.

Adding, “It always sucks to hear that someone you … Read more

With a new year comes a change, and it looks like Plies decided to change his appearance–starting with his teeth.

The Florida rapper posted a video online, holding a funeral service for his good teeth. In true Plies fashion it was pure comedy.

He captioned the video by saying, “I Just Removed & Buried My Gold Teeth!!!!!! I Never Thought In A Million Years This Day Would Come!! I Wanted Elevation So I Stepped Out On Faith!!! I Ate Some Good Pw*ssy With Them Teeth Doe!!!!🤣🤣🤣 I Heard Women Love Men With Pretty Smiles!!!!😉 #StayTuned #Plies #Shawty #PlentyMoney #Rock #BustItBaby #Drip4Sale


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While honoring his teeth with a burial service, Plies stated, “It’s a very sad day today, y’all. It’s a very sad day,” with music playing in the background. Plies continued, “We’re all gathered here today Read more

Jon Gosselin is on the mend after a nasty bout of coronavirus.

In a sneak peek at his Thursday appearance on “The Dr. Oz Show”, the former “Jon & Kate Plus 8” star opened up about his recent battle with COVID-19, telling host Dr. Mehmet Oz that when the daughter of girlfriend Colleen Conrad took him to the hospital, his fever had soared to 104.8 degrees.

“I was in a wheelchair. I had to wait in the ER,” says Gosselin in the clip.

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“It was packed, like the hospital was full, and then they put me on a gurney and put me in the hallway in the waiting room, so I could get a temporary room, and then once they evaluated me and once they drew my blood and did all my … Read more