Rogue Star Jessica Sutton Talks Working with ‘Genuine Badass’ Megan Fox, Filming in South Africa (Exclusive)

The actress says Megan Fox is a real-life action hero who can do pushups with “one hand behind her back”. Jessica Sutton is opening up about starring alongside “badass” Megan Fox in the film “Rogue.” In an interview with TooFab, the actress recalled working with Fox, revealing the unique way […]

The actress says Megan Fox is a real-life action hero who can do pushups with “one hand behind her back”.

Jessica Sutton is opening up about starring alongside “badass” Megan Fox in the film “Rogue.”

In an interview with TooFab, the actress recalled working with Fox, revealing the unique way the “Transformers” star got pumped up for a particular scene.

“She’s a genuine badass. She is so professional, so generous, so kind, incredible,” began Sutton, 27. “We had just a great connection.”

“There was one night we were talking about just the balance of professional and private life and I think that’s been a topic that’s been coming up for me since I’m 27 now,” she continued. “This job…it requires so much travel and when you’re working and you’re pretty much disconnected from your life. You’re really taking a step back and then being consumed by the art for any length of time. And then it’s the plugging back into your life.”

“A lot of our conversations — she was so generous enough to share, you know, her advice in that regard,” Sutton added. “And I’ll never forget that one night we were all just pushing through, it was maybe 2 or 3 in the morning and I just remember getting pumped for the scene and [Fox] ended up doing push-ups, one-handed. One hand behind her back. She’d received like some really hardcore training before the film. And I was like, ‘I can barely do three like on my knees!'”

Sutton also opened up about filming in her native country of South Africa.

“We shot in Gauteng, which is just outside the city of Pretoria. I currently live in the city of Cape Town. So it’s about two hours to get to Gauteng and you’re landlocked, not by the ocean,” she told TooFab. “It had that great feeling that you really were out of Africa. It was just really beautiful.”

While Sutton said there wasn’t much free time outside of shooting, she was given the opportunity to have a “typical” South African experience for the first time: seeing animals in their natural habitat.

“[We were at this] farm run by these incredible people who rescued animals who’ve been abused from circuses and they’ve given them the quality of life there where they can roam,” she recalled. “In most cases, when animals have been bred in captivity and abused they can’t just go into the wild. So it was just a really great environment to be around happy animals on a beautiful farm, on a beautiful space.”

“You’re seeing zebras and elephants. The bungalow where I was staying, they kept a baby leopard underneath my bungalow,” Sutton added. “It was part of her caging. It was just so surreal to have a cup of coffee and just see two hunting intelligent eyes just staring back at you.”

“The Kissing Booth” star, who compared her experience with the animals to Meryl Streep in “Out of Africa,” revealed she and the cast were even allowed to hold baby lion cubs, a memory she says she’ll “never forget.”

“It was such a privilege to just be there and I think there’s an idea that everyone has of Africa. And it’s like the safaris and the wildlife,” Sutton said. “And even though I’ve been born and raised South African, the city that I’ve been born and raised in is by the ocean. I don’t do safaris and it was kind of my first experience of I guess what is the perceived idea of the typical African experience. I felt kind of like in that film ‘Out of Africa’ with Meryl Streep.”

“I’ll never forget the moment where we got to hold the baby cubs. It was toward the end of shooting and I was just nervous and I just couldn’t believe that I was actually gonna do this,” she continued. “It kind of dawned on me all at once that I was acting opposite Megan Fox, surrounded by the best South African cast and crew, in a school uniform drenched in fake blood, [while] holding a baby lion cub. I felt like this is kind of unbeatable. I’ll never forget that, ever.”

Meanwhile, TooFab also asked Sutton about Season 2 of “Motherland: Fort Salem.” Although there’s not much she can tease as she’s yet to start filming, Sutton shared her excitement about returning to Vancouver to shoot the next season.

“I’m hoping to be on a plane in September. I’m the last. My cast members are all there already and they’re in quarantine,” she explained. “It’s just now in the times of corona just planning out halfway across the world — it was already difficult, so now it’s just the added adventure of this crazy time.”

“We’re so excited for season 2. I mean the fans’ support was unreal,” she continued. “Half of me is like, ‘Yeah, we’re going to do it again!’ and then the other half is like, ‘Oh my word what is coming down the tracks?’ because I just know if [writer] Eliot Lawrence has anything to say about it it’s gonna be… he’s always trying to one-up himself.”

“I was right. We had a Skype with the writer’s room two weeks ago and they basically chatted us through the entire epic season,” Sutton concluded. “I just had my mind blown for like that 19 minutes. I couldn’t really take on everything they were saying because it’s going to be so epic…I think [to describe it] in a line it would just be ‘psychological warfare.’ It’s going to be so cool!”

Rogue is available now on VOD, Digital, as well as DVD and Blu-Ray.

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